THis Is Water

An excellent and meditative piece on living a compassionate life and getting out of your head.

The work of Leadership

A seminal piece on the challenges of adaptive leadership and leading others through change and discomfort. 

The Neuroscience of Leadership

Thought-provoking ideas about how our brains work, rethinking incentives and punishment as leaders, and paying attention. 

Leadership in the Age of Uncertainty

The authors posit four key pillars of leadership in today's leadership climate. 

How will you measure your life

This essay asks you to consider those values and people that drive a successful life. 

Groupthink (janis)

This piece challenges groups to critically challenge their tendencies to agree and the dangerous consequences of doing so. 

Shooting an Elephant (Orwell)

This example of challenging your mental map and crowd pressure is also just a provocative yarn about interacting with people who think and practice very different cultures. 

Triple-Strength Leadership

The authors argue that business, along with other sectors, is greatly enhanced when people have perspectives of experience in multiple sectors to draw on.


Weber provides a handy way to think about how leadership develops and the advantages and challenges of informal, legitimate, and charismatic leadership.