I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it.
— Marshall McLuhan

leadership philosophy

Now more than ever Marshall McLuhan’s observation on the human desire to notice only that which supports our own ideologies and preferences requires committed people to see all sides of an issue and work across boundaries to solve our common challenges.
As global contexts become increasingly intricate and the pace of communication rapidly increases, organizations need team members who can navigate the complexities of modern relationships and workplaces and understand themselves, their teams and organizations, and their industries as systems.
Innovations in technology and industry require leaders who can quickly understand complex contents, work collaboratively to find innovative solutions, and take risks in the face of uncertainty.
Through custom leadership training your team can learn to work with ambiguity and discomfort to find successful ways to manage the ever-shifting landscapes of modern society and business.



Purpose drives outcomes (not the other way around).

The most successful organizations - from mission-driven nonprofits to growth-obsessed tech ventures - articulate a transformational purpose. Purpose is your reason for existing in this world. Often no longer than a sentence, your purpose informs everything else: culture, strategy, process, outcomes, and impact.

Values are lived (not plastered on a whiteboard).

Our choices define who we are. Coherent values, aligned with a foundational purpose, embrace tradeoffs and offer helpful guideposts to every element of an organization. At their best, values nurture a consistent culture through growth, failure, change, and disruption.

People lead change and transformation (not data or projections).

Even today’s most rigorous data insights can’t manage the disruption of tomorrow. Data does more when adaptive, non-ideological leaders analyze their organizations as systems to think comprehensively about risk and opportunity. Only adaptive leaders that grow with their organizations can chart a course, secure buy-in and consensus, and navigate the ups and downs of transformational change.

Growth starts from within (not from trends).

Fostering a culture where individuals embrace a growth mindset is mission critical to building an organization positioned for sustainable growth. We call the commitment and skillset to grow adaptive capacity. Challenging assumptions, incorporating feedback, and leveraging diversity are the fundamentals for generating top-line growth.

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